Ohio County, KY is a Growing Tourism Destination for Music Lovers

Ohio County, Kentucky is the World Capital of Bluegrass Music. Visitors from across the globe flock to the county to see The Bill Monroe Homeplace and to listen to live music at local bars and the amphitheater. 

Tourist Activities 

Bluegrass museums and live music is the main tourist attraction for Ohio County, KY. Music, dancing and distilleries make up the quaint downtown shopping and dining experience. 

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail hosts one distillery within a 35 driving distance from Hartford and many tours are available. 

Tourists enjoy fishing, boating, rafting, off-roading, and canoeing down the river. Hundreds come from all over the world to visit the 800-acre farm that hosts The Bill Monroe Homeplace

The Amphitheater hosts many outdoor concerts, events and festivals that also bring in visitors which helps boost the economic climate. With the influx of tourists, Ohio County is prime for growth in the hotel and hospitality industries. 

Annual music festivals include:

  • Bluemoon Bluegrass Festival
  • Beaver Dam Strawberry Festival
  • Cleatus Smith Blues and Bluegrass Festival
  • Dundee Gathering Day
  • Fordsville Days
  • Rosine Spring & Fall Festival

Business Opportunities

Because Ohio County, Kentucky is a popular tourist destination, there is an immediate need for hotel development, and businesses supporting the tourism industry. 

There are also opportunities for small music manufacturers who wish to associate their brand with the birthplace of bluegrass music. 

Available real estate can support development in both industries and interested parties are invited to contact OCEDA to discuss them in detail.