Ohio County, KY is Known for Incredible Outdoor Recreation

Peaceful. Exhilarating. Family-friendly. Relaxing. Breathtaking. Recreational resources in Ohio County, KY are abundant and expanding rapidly to meet outdoor enthusiasts’ needs. Spend an afternoon on the beautiful hiking trails conveniently located in parks close to downtown, fishing on the lakes, reading a book on a park bench surrounded by nature, or joining a group for a friendly game of disc golf. Ohio County has plentiful fishing resources, including the best lakes to catch bass or trout and a variety of fishing tournaments for kids and adults. For the hunters, there is plenty of land to hunt a variety of animals, including small birds and deer. 

Boasting a strong sense of community, there are numerous outdoor activities to bring groups together. Celebrate family with a reunion at one of the many campgrounds, or take a relaxing hike on a peaceful nature trail through a park. You will find the history of Ohio County within the parks and trails. A replica of Fort Hartford, a structure used to protect early settlers from 1782-1810, can be toured in the Ohio County Park and R.V. Campground. For ATV riding enthusiasts, the breathtaking wilderness landscapes provide amazing riding opportunities.. Many old access roads and trails from the coal industry have left an extensive network of riding opportunities.

Ohio County, Kentucky is home to numerous parks, each with its own unique identity. The area is rich with outdoor exercise and recreation choices for residents of all ages. The Moreland Park Tennis Center is appealing to tennis teams from around the area, with its lighted tennis courts for convenience of playing at night. Whatever your desires for outdoor enjoyment are, Ohio County has limitless options.